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7 Things to know [01 Dec 2007|08:35pm]

7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making You MiserableCollapse )
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Gone [20 Mar 2007|12:18pm]

Since I am no longer at EDS, perhaps someone who is should take over this community. Post here if you want it.
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[20 Oct 2006|01:49pm]


me: Thank you for calling. Can I have your Id please?

phone: static Gary.

me: +1 volume Your Id please.

phone: static Oh, ABCDEF.

me: +1 volume Your location?

phone: static

me: +2 volume Gary?

phone: static Yes?

me: +3 volume Where are you located?

phone: static Plant 4, I can hardly hear you.

me: +5 volume Your phone number?

phone: static 123 456 7890

me: +5 volume Your email address?

phone: static I don't have one

me: +5 volume What floor are you on?

phone: static I'm in plant 4

me: +6 volume Which bay are you in?

phone: static

me: +7 volume Gary, what bay are you in?

(comments heard from my bay mates on what the heck I'm doing and being so loud)

phone: static What?

me: +8 volume What bay are you in?

phone: static Bay?

me: +8 volume Yes, Bay. What bay are you in?

phone: static I don't know what you're talking about.

me: +9 volume There's no numbers on the posts anywhere?

phone: static Oh my bay location is A twelve.

me: +9 volume How can I help you?

phone: static What? I can't hear you.

me: +10 volume How can I help you?

phone: static I need my password reset

me: +10 volume One moment.

(pause while I look up info)

me: +10 volume Gary let me give you a case number

phone: static Ok

me: +10 volume 1234567

 (about now I notice people in the next project over looking my direction)

phone: static

me: +10 volume I’m going to send this up.

phone: static

me: +10 volume Gary?

phone: static

me: +12 volume I’m going to send your case up Gary

phone: static

me: +7 volume I’m sorry Gary I can’t hear you, please give a call back to the help desk

phone: static Huh?

me: +12 volume I’m going to send your case up Gary.

phone: static Yeh this phone is messed up.

me: +13 volume Can you call me back?

phone: static

me: +14 volume Gary?

phone: static so what about my password?

me: +15 volume I have to send it up, I gave you that case number, right?

phone: static yeh 1234567

me: +15 volume Yeh they’ll call you when they have it done. You have a nice day Gary

phone: static Ok bye.

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Happy 2 and half time day [04 Jul 2006|07:37pm]

Happy 4th guys. I'm sitting here, towards the end of my shift taken 1 call today. Oh I love 2 and half time day at EDS.

Power went out for about half an hour today, but the phones, emergency lights and computers were still up.

Fun fun fun
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[02 Jun 2006|02:27am]

Friday June 02, 2006

Dear Kelly Services and Electronic Data Systems:

I have decided to stay home today for an unspecified amount of time. My phone number is 859-401-____. Please re-route any County of San Diego calls to that number. I will do tech support in my underwear while eating Edy's Light out of the carton and watching daytime television. You see, I have a DESK here and it is, afterall, casual Friday. I'm sure you understand my dilemma....no. Scratch that. I'm sure you don't understand my dilemma since you're reading this email while seated in your comfy chair at your desk in your office. I don't ask for much. No fancy office, just a little space of cube to call my own instead of having to migrate to whoever happens to be absent that day's cube. Since this apparently can not be provided, I will accept calls, when and if I feel like it (during Maury Povich commercials and possibly that time frame between 3-4 when the only thing on is Dr. Phil and The Facts of Life reruns), at the preceding number. If you want to reach me for any other reason, write a letter. The post office needs more business and you can just send it through the Postal project you have right there under your nose. THEY have desks too.

Thank you very much for your time.

Jaime Cline
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He should apologize for complaining about reply-all, using reply-all [31 May 2006|04:15pm]

Please stop the reply-all.

I've had 100+ mails today and my head hurts.

Sincere apologies for actually using reply-all again to those folks who are not doing this!

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Ganked from a fellow EDSer's LJ [25 May 2006|06:25pm]

I'm sitting here and I'm listening to the guy on the other side of the wall of my cube on a call and I hear him say "Ok, I've reset your password to Wednesday01. That's capital W, e-n-s-d-a-y 01."
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[16 Apr 2006|01:21pm]

Name: Phillip
Years/months/days at EDS: 2years 4months
Project: GM (till it leaves)
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